Educators in the Kallangur area

Hi my name is Bess Burns

I have been a Family Day Care Educator since 2014, but have previously worked within the Child Care sector and am proud to say I have been working with children since 1988. My qualification is a Diploma of Children’s Services.

I believe in providing an environment that is secure, caring, loving, nurturing and anti bias. I strive to create a home like environment that is welcoming and warm.

My belief is in line with Bronfenbrenner’s theory of early childhood in that it takes many contexts to raise a child. I believe that all children should be treated with equality, and their cultural and linguistic diversity embraced and acknowledged.

I encourage families to share their culture, language and home experiences. 

Another theorist that I believe encompasses my philosophy is Bandura. In Bandura’s social learning theory it is stated that parents and teachers have power and status. Thus children are likely to imitate and learn their behaviours that these adults model.

I aim to provide a diverse program that reflects both group and individual needs. Through ongoing observations and evaluations, I aim to provide enriching experiences that encourage and promote learning and development. The program not only covers the areas of language, cognitive, social/emotional, fine motor and gross motor development, but also provides for the holistic child.

Children’s self help skills and independence will be encouraged.

Positive encouragement and reinforcement are used as tools to direct and promote behaviours. Through positive encouragement and experiences I aim to build high self-esteem and self worth.

It is my aim to provide a loving, caring, nurturing environment that promotes each child’s learning and development, self esteem and individuality, whilst having a day that’s lots of fun!

Hi my name is Maria Crowhurst

Hi my name is June Myers

Hi my name is Julie Rymer