What do I need to do to complete the enrolment process?

Contact the Scheme for Enrolment Forms and information about completing the enrolment process after you have confirmed care with the educator.

Contact Centrelink to register for Child Care Subsidy.

Submit your completed Enrolment Forms to the Scheme.  All details on the forms must be filled in to be able to process your forms.  Where there is missing information, processing will be delayed.

  • Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) for yourself and your child/children.
  • Parent(s) work details – work name, address, phone, email.
  • Emergency Contacts details – name, address, phone, email, authorisations.
  • Doctor’s details – name, address, phone.
  • Medicare number including the number beside the child’s name on the card.
  • Custody Orders if applicable.
  • Health Management Plan if applicable.
  • Immunisation Record.
  • Parent /Guardian Agreement.
  • Booking Contract.

Your commencement date will depend on submitting completed forms and having completed the Child Care Subsidy requirements which include registering for CCS with Centrelink, confirming the Scheme Enrolment via email generated from Harmony, and confirming your CCS Enrolment with the Scheme in your MyGov.