Educators in the Deception Bay area

Hi my name is  Nancy Keogh

Hi and welcome!
My space and approach are based on Janet Lansbury and Magda Gerber’s approach to child and infant care. They champion:
If you come to my day care, you will see
  • the importance of meaningfully engaging babies and toddlers in all routine care-giving activities
  • consistency and predictability, including routine and respectfully- but firmly-enforced limits
  • time and freedom for babies and children to explore and resource their own learning
  • sensitive, unobtrusive observation of babies and children to gather information about their learning and needs
  • respectful interaction with all children as equal partners in the carer relationship
  • allowing children to solve their own problems, as much as practical and safe
  • natural gross motor development
I take children outside as much as our routine allows. I think a muddy child is a happy one: don’t send them in their Sunday best! My goal is relaxed, safe, busy children.

Hi my name is Jackie Nugara

Hi! My name is Jackie Nugara and I am a mum of three grown up children, a daughter and two sons. My husband, Cliff, works as an Electronic Technician, and enjoys a sneaky early mark to accompany me and my little day care cherubs on some of our afternoon adventures! Our daughter, Adele, is a Primary School Teacher in Nanango, our son, Aidan, is an Apprentice Mechanic at Mercedes Benz and our youngest son, Angus, is studying Aviation at Griffith University (I’m a proud mum).

I have many years experience working in the child care industry, as well as experience in caring for my own three children. I worked in a long hours day care centre before starting my own Family Day Care in 2014.  I have a genuine love for helping children grow, learn and reach their full potential, and treat all my little friends as if they were my own. I realise that all children develop at their own pace, have their own needs, and come from different families with their own expectations and care needs. At Jackie’s Family Day Care, I help each child develop to the best of their ability by fostering a sense of belonging within a warm, welcoming, and exciting learning environment. We have a very friendly and welcoming policy, and each child and family is treated with respect and care.

At Jackie’s Family Day Care we have lots and lots of fun each and every day. All of our learning and activities are play based and are derived of the interest of the children in my care. We play inside, outside and go on plenty of adventures to the library and local parks. Our very favourite adventure is driving to the airport and watching the planes take off at our local airport! Another activity we enjoy taking part in is attending Play Sessions organised by Bramble Bay . Now, when we are not busy playing outside, digging in our sandpit, having picnics outside or riding our bikes, we are busy being creative by painting, drawing and crafting indoors! We are such busy little people!

If you are interested in organising a visit for you and your little person, please do not hesitate to call or message me on 0415304239 or email me at .