Educators in the Warner area

Hi my name is Susana Lu

Hi I’m Susan Lu.
I have been a Family Day Care Educator since 2010 and completed my Certificate III in Children Services in 2012.
I have adequate space for indoor and outdoor activities. My family welcomes your children to our home – a place where they can play, have fun, feel safe & secure and offers opportunities for learning & development.
My contact details are 0432 636576 or

Hi my name is Craig Fenoglio

Hi there families and new friends! Welcome to Garden Pond, where little hearts thrive!

I am a passionate and creative diploma qualified male early childhood educator who has been working in the inclusion, additional needs and home based care industries for over eight years. (I am also fully insured, first aid certified and hold a range of varying differing certificates in early childhood development and care). With an affinity for the enquiring, inquisitive and developmental areas of early childhood: I have had the opportunities to experience ranges of children across child care centres, schools, kindergartens and prep for over eight years. I have also had experience in specialist autism and behaviour schools, and worked with family, complex case and needs management practises.

These experiences have taught me that it’s not just the individual needs of children that’s vital, or the politics and profit building ethos of business’; but the critical involvement and individual selection (from children and families) of the educational programs we must offer.

With an affinity for the creative arts, music and drama, crafting and the joy of scaffolded and structured child based learning, and a general wonder for and capacity toward child directed learning: expect these to be featured throughout your child’s daily routine. We often sing songs and rhymes to start, transition and end our day! I am so excited to create, share and experience the beauty, ever changing and developing milestones and moments with your children, and I can not wait to share with you their moments, and the celebrations and achievements we make together through our Garden Pond Programs and my home environments.

It’s our passion to provide high quality and immersive educational programs, play and daily routines to each child of our Garden Tribe!

We believe in the integral importance, magic and opportunities that self discovery and initiated play and learning bring: and provide for this by our ever changing live program, where children’s choices and emerging or uncovered interests adapt each day. After all:

It’s through your children’s interests, subjects and choices we are able to continually develop them, learn and engage with new curriculum and explore, discover, and play and learn together!

We provide a flexible daily play based routine, and offer developmental and learning sessions each day for children that choose to engage with our curriculum and subjects. With our indoor and outdoor play areas set up to accommodate for the endless provocations, questions and queries of each individual child’s focus and interest; come and experience the wonder and magic of true child directed play based learning today! .