Educators in the Boondall Area

Hi my name is Debra Dance

Deb’s Family Day Care

My name is Debra Dance and I am a Family Day Care Educator based in Boondall. As an experienced Primary School and Early Childhood teacher, with over 30 years in the classroom I have decided to return to the Family Day Care setting once again. I spent 15 years with Bramble Bay when my own children were young and have missed the gratification that comes from educating alongside parents in a family environment.

I have the knowledge and skills to prepare your little ones for the foundation of their educational journey. I am passionate about providing a fun, supportive, safe and nurturing environment. A place where children can learn lifelong skills through play as they grow to become resilient, capable and resourceful learners. I can support the development of strong communication and socials skills in children to ensure their confidence shines.

Deb’s Day Care offers

  • Supportive and local extended family who are a regular presence in my life.
  • Learning experiences linked to the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Large child friendly playground and park, with easy access through a gate in the back yard.
  • Vegetable garden for budding little gardeners.
  • Well established gardens including a lush rainforest play area for the children.
  • Agro the pet fish, Penny the Golden Retriever as well as the three. chickens provide interaction and care for animals.
  • Outings to enhance learning experience.
  • Visits with other educators.
  • Shopping trips linked to learning.
  • Play Session visits.
  • Trips on the train, bus and Brisbane City Ferry services.

If Deb’s Day care sounds a good fit for you and your family, please get in touch with me.

Phone: 0414 694 387