Educators in the Bald Hills area

Hi my name is Leanda Cant


My name is Leanda and I live in Bald Hills. This week the children at my family day care have looked at and discussed the flowers in my garden, we have chased the butterflies at the park and we have all laid on blankets in the garden and watched the clouds as they pass by (and been amazed at their different shapes). The home made sensory rice was a big hit with the children who enjoyed filling the containers and watching the rice fall. We have painted and printed pictures (all my family day care children are always very excited every afternoon to show their parents what they have created that day).

With the warmer weather arriving we have filled bowls and buckets and enjoyed water play, we have attended Play Session where we got to look at some newly hatched silkworms, we have met up with friends and made new ones and developed our socialisation skills. The children in my care have lots to discuss and talk about and we enjoy listening to everyone’s opinion. All my Family Day Care children are encouraged to treat each other with kindness and respect.

My Family Day Care area is the ground floor of my house, which ensures the children have lots of room to play and can explore their environment in an area created just for them. I have a Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education and I follow the Early Years Learning Framework. I have been with Bramble Bay Family Daycare since April 2014, and prior to that I was an Educator in the UK. If you would like to discover more or discuss any vacancies I may have, please give me a ring on 0450 323 674 or 3261-4559. My Facebook page is Willows Family Daycare which shows more pictures of my environment.


Hi my name is Suzanne Corney                                         

Suzie’s House Family Day Care will feel like home away from home for your children.
With years of experience in child care along with my Cert 3 in Children’s Services, your child will receive quality care in a loving, caring and fun environment with an educator who is passionate about children.
Our home has a beautiful open space for your children to play and explore, and a variety of activities for them to experience and discover their passions and be themselves.
You are welcome to contact me to find out more.
Phone: 0431620452